Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back to school blues

I know a lot of parents are so excited to see school start again, but I am simply not one of those moms! We are on day 3 and I miss them already! Cole has started his sophomore year with a packed schedule. He also made the high school soccer team and begins seminary next week. We see very little of him! He will spend his Saturdays refereeing for rec soccer and earning money. I realize I have little time left with him before he is off on his own and it scares me to death! He is really turning into a neat young man! Cassidy has entered the 5th grade--her last year at the elementary school. She has a teacher who is new to us, but has been teaching for years. I hear great things about her and that she is challenging. Cassidy should have another fabulous year. Braden is in the 3rd grade and has my favorite teacher of Cassidy's. She is energetic and fun and simply loves what she does. Abigayle will start her preschool on Monday and go 3 days a week. She misses the cut off date for kindergarten and I am happy that I did not have to give her up this year. She is not so pleased. Her closest friend and cousin started this year. I hope she is happier once preschool starts. She knows most of her letters and sounds and is beginning to recognize beginning sounds as well. She is ready for kindergarten even if her mother is not!